The Ice Maiden

Further to my last post I wanted to share this other mixed media work with you. She was given her title by one of our distributors, Liz Dixon, and bearing in mind the low temperatures over the recent days I thought I would share her with you.


I covered my canvas with ivory and lead Powertex hardener in a random pattern. Once fully dried I transferred the image using Powerprint, my main concern here was making sure the Powerpoint was spread evenly and didn’t dry out anywhere before I put the image down ready for the transfer, it’s important to be quick and thorough when using a larger image otherwise it can be so disappointing to reveal your image and find a crucial bit hasn’t transferred.


I added a little more hardener and gently worked in some Stone Art powder, picking up the texture by dry brushing with ivory Powertex hardener once everything was dry.


I chose some pieces of cotton lace ‘snowflakes’ to embellish my piece and rubbed in ivory hardener before applying them onto my canvas. I then used a stencil and some Easy structure to add interest in my corners, you can see detail of this above.

A touch of silver and gold colortrix and I was done!


What about the little birdcages I hear you ask?

I have no excuse for that, I liked them and felt they were right for the spot!

These are the products I used!


If you fancy having a go yourself you can get all of the products via our website:  or you can find your local distributor, who will be running regular workshops and able to supply your products as well!

You can meet our distributor Liz  here:

Exploring mixed media with Powertex

With the discovery of coloured bister and Brusho paints I just had to take the time to apply them to a Powertex piece.


I have always loved mixed media, this being the very reason I started using Powertex in the first place, long story but here we are today distributing the products in the UK.


I have used Powerprint here to transfer the image of the child and Easy coat glossy to decoupage the other image. I created texture with Easy structure and stencils from my stash. I crackled ivory Powertex hardener using my coloured bister and sprinkled granules of it over areas with a spray of water for extra effect. I also used Brushos both diluted and sprinkled for some intense colours and those runs. Instead of ink I used black Powertex hardener on my acrylic stamps too, works a treat!


That’s just about it! More details and tutorials will follow, I hope you join me!

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