It’s been a while!


Doesn’t time fly when you are busy enjoying yourself?

Well you can safely say we have been busy and definitely say we have been enjoying ourselves as we have whizzed around the UK introducing so many people to the wonders of Powertex. Some of you will also have seen us on Hochanda and we are going to be continuing with this from time to time.

We now have well over 100 Certified tutors trained by little old me so that you can be sure each and every one of them has the knowledge and back up to ensure you are getting the very best attention.

We have an incredible design team who are bringing you brilliant blogs on a regular basis. Signing up to the blog is the equivalent of getting a FREE magazine article or tutorial delivered direct to your email inbox several times a month. Our blog has been housed on the Blogger platform but as it has grown we have decided that here on WordPress is going to suit us better and as of today you will be able to find us at

We have a wonderfully informative newsletter that you can sign up to receive either through the link on our Facebook or by subscribing from your account on our website, don’t miss out on this great resource as we often announce new products and special offers here first!

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