Exploring mixed media with Powertex

With the discovery of coloured bister and Brusho paints I just had to take the time to apply them to a Powertex piece.


I have always loved mixed media, this being the very reason I started using Powertex in the first place, long story but here we are today distributing the products in the UK.


I have used Powerprint here to transfer the image of the child and Easy coat glossy to decoupage the other image. I created texture with Easy structure and stencils from my stash. I crackled ivory Powertex hardener using my coloured bister and sprinkled granules of it over areas with a spray of water for extra effect. I also used Brushos both diluted and sprinkled for some intense colours and those runs. Instead of ink I used black Powertex hardener on my acrylic stamps too, works a treat!


That’s just about it! More details and tutorials will follow, I hope you join me!

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